Lamborghini Driving Experience

05/30/2010 by: Ray

The Ultimate Lamborghini Driving experience can be a perfect gift for boyfriend in case he’s an auto enthusiast or racing fan. If he has a particular dream car that he keeps mentioning from time to time you may want to look for that particular model as driving experience gift.

This is a two-hour, 5 Lap on-track racing experience which will put your boyfriend behind the wheel and drive the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, on the list of world’s most top notch supercars, on one of four tracks in Las Vegas or Los Angeles: the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, Willow Springs Raceway, or Orange County Great Park / El Toro MCAS.

This adventure starts at the track he will receive an introduction of the vehicle from the Trainers, instruction regarding how to drive a the Gallardo LP560-4 at top speeds, basic safety details and an overview of the track racing line. He will then discover the track as a passenger of our Hummer H2 for 2 laps of on-board instruction. When the full briefing is finished, it is time to get suited up, hit the gas and drive a Lamborghini for 5 action-packed laps.

Available Locations in the US
California, Irvine
Nevada, Las Vegas

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