Business Gadget Gifts for Boyfriend

06/02/2010 by: Ray

Here we have the hottest gadgets for businesses and professional users. These gizmos are designed to help guys perform better in the office and most importantly they are great gifts for boyfriend too!

Apple iPad

Arguably the hottest gadget these days. With iPad, navigating the web has never been easier or more intuitive, because you use the most natural pointing device there is: your finger.

With just a touch of finger, you can browse websites, write email, flick through photos, and even watch movies. All in a beautiful and big multi-touch screen.

Amazon Kindle

It’s a slim e-book reader just over 1/3 of an inch, as thin as most magazines and holds up to 1,500 books. It has paper-like display that allows you to readlike real paper without glare, even in bright sunlight.

Unlike most electronic devices, Kindle is simple – it’s wireless and ready to use right out of the box–no setup, no cables, no software to install, no computer required.

PowerMat Wireless Charger

Powermat’s Wireless Charging System offers a clean, simple way to keep all those personal electronic devices charged, without a mess of cables. With the Powermat system, you choose a mat and then choose the receivers to match the devices you want to charge.

Each mat includes a Universal Powercube receiver that allows you to charge hundreds of devices. You can also purchase receivers custom designed to fit on your devices, so you never need to remove them to use your device.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Thise gadget reduces unwanted ambient noise by 87.4%, providing a quieter environment to enhance your listening experience. Foldable and swivel design – Allows the headphones to fold up to a small and compact size.

Dual use capability – Allows for the option to listen to music with or without noise cancellation. This allows you to still beable to use the headphones as headphones when the battery runs dry.

Mug/Coffee Cup Warmer

These coffee cup warmers work like heated coasters and require no special mugs or glassware. And because the temperature is adjustable, you can choose to enjoy your beverages piping hot or just comfortably warm.

A blue LED light illuminates when the warmer is powered on. Heating pad base accepts mugs 3.5″ in diameter.

Pen Scanner

Ideal for for students researchers teachers doctors or business people needing to be able to take notes quickly and easily.

Reads scanned notes aloud Beams stored notes and business cards to Smartphones PDAs PCs and Laptops Easy access to English dictionary definitions of words in the notes USB connection to PC and Laptop for fast and efficient synchronization.

USB Fingerprint Reader

The Eikon To Go addresses the growing need for a simpler and more secure way to protect important personal information from threats such as phishing, password dictionary attacks, and malicious programs.

Voice Activated Alarm Clock

The Moshi IVR Alarm clock is the first fully functional voice responsive alarm clock that can set both time and alarm by voice. Initiate commands by saying “Hello Moshi” and clock will respond, “Command Please”.

Say one of 12 Voice Activated Commands and clock will carry out instructions. The Moshi IVR Alarm Clock is for anyone looking for the added convenience of interacting with their clock.

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