Gift Suggestions for History Buffs

06/06/2010 by: Ray

Some guys find history a very interesting and exciting subject. Not that they are geeks. Rather, they just realize the value of these significant events that shaped our society and perspectives these days. What more exciting gifts can you give but something that will tickle his intellectual curiosity.

Documentary DVDs

The most obvious yet very effective choice is a DVD of this favorite historical figure or events. Planet Earth DVDs, for instance, is a timeless gift. Now in Blu-ray, this amazing film took five years in production, over 2,000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, shot entirely in high definition to capture the ultimate portrait of our planet. A stunning television experience that captures rare action, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet’s best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures.

Retro Phone

The Crosley 1950s Pay Phone brings the look and feel of a classic pay phone into the privacy of your own home. Luckily, this pay phone doesnt require coins to operate. You can drop your change into the slots on top, and the Crosley 1950s Pay Phone will act as a coin bank. Updated for modern times, the pay phone features a rotary style look with the convenience of push button technology. It also includes a redial feature, a tone and pulse switch, a ringer volume on/off switch, and an earpiece volume control. A great spin on an American classic, The Crosley 1950s Pay Phone makes a fun addition to any home!

Games with Historical Theme

Axis & Allies is a popular series of World War II strategy board games that allows players to control the fate of the world in this incredible game of military strategy, courage and cunning. Players can change the course of history in a few short hours as they maneuver over 350 playing pieces including armies, ships, planes and more. For 2 to 5 players.

Retro-Style Music Player

Don’t let your vinyl slowly fade away, revive it digitally with the Crosley Archiver USB Turntable. Simply connect your PC with the provided USB cable and install the included software to rip and edit your vinyl directly to digital audio format for playback on all your cutting edge devices.

Spin records, play cassettes and CDs or tune in your favorite station on the analog AM/FM tuner, all in one stylish package. Plays and records 33.5, 45 and 78 RPM records. Remove unwanted pops, clicks and hissing noises from your recordings, splice and mix tracks and more.

Crossword Puzzle Baseball

You can’t spit on a ball if you’re a pitcher, but you can write on one if it’s The New York Times Crossword Puzzle Baseball. This indelible baseball features countless questions on the game’s greatest slang, players and teams to show and broaden your knowledge of the national pastime. The questions and answers are included too, but don’t get caught stealing the latter. Ball is handmade and imported.

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