Lovopoly Game

03/04/2010 by: Ray

Lovopoly is a vintage board game which has a passionate twist! Just upload your digital pictures and it will be added to the center of the board game, along with on the “Go To Therapy” and “Get Lucky” spaces on the board. The entire content of the pastime is totally personalized to your romantic relationship, every space on the game board having emotional significance.

The game board maker even individualize with 22 activities or destinations (First date, vacation trips, birth of a baby, and so on) of importance (when giving details, list in the sequence of most important to the very least, using 55 characters maximum for every description) and 1 special note for the center of the game board. Board measures 12” x 12” and comes packed in a durable container safeguarding it for a long time of entertainment. Filled with dice, cards, currency and game pieces. Please allow approximately 14 days for shipping.

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One Response to “Lovopoly Game”
  1. Shikin says:

    hi there.., i would like to know how do i go about in ordering the lovepoly game. kindly reply to my email address. thank you.