Desk Dots Ceramic Magnets

03/05/2010 by: Ray

Desk Dots Organizer is a perfect gift for boyfriends who work in the business office or if he’s somewhat meticulous on just about everything. This extremely versatile table accessory works extremely well as an organizer, photo holder, desk sculpture, enterprise card case and stress reliever. Desk Dots tend are very strong ceramic magnets which can keep together despite having a great deal of materials in between them. Break up the everyday monotony and release his creative imagination by breaking off a couple of Desk Dots as a wonderful stress reducer.

In addition, they make an unbelievable humming sound whenever 2 individual bits come together over a smooth surface area. Desk Dots can instantly change from function to fun and back again by rearranging the dots instantly on your table. Use them on your fridge, filing cabinet, or wherever as a magnetic push pin to draw attention to your to-do lists or announcements. Product Size : 5″ X 1.4″

Retail Price: $20 to $30

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