Action-Packed Experience Gifts for Boyfriend

06/30/2010 by: Ray

I’ve compiled a selection of exciting adventure and action gifts for guys to deliver a great experience for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. From indoor skydiving to NASCAR racing there’s bound to be an adventure day with his name on it!

Air Combat: Fighter Pilot Simulator

This is no video game. Climb aboard and settle into the ejection seat and you’ll be amazed. The instrumentation, full immersion audio, throttle & joy stick combine to create this amazing Fighter Pilot Simulator. After you are briefed on your mission and have learned to operate and understand the instrumentation and controls, you will take to the virtual skies. You will then spend time developing your skills in the cockpit before engaging in virtual air to air combat dogfights.

Hands On Scenic Flight

Experience the thrill of taking the controls of a light aircraft during this introductory 30 minute hands on scenic flight over places like Hartford Connecticut. Your experience will begin with a briefing on the techniques and safety aspects of light aircraft flying. Then you’re in the pilot’s seat with a certified flight instructor guiding you every step of the way, from takeoff to landing.

Ride in a NASCAR

A perfect gift for NASCAR fanatics. Experience the thrill of riding along with a professional racecar driver at high speed in a NASCAR Stockcar! For five adrenaline-pumping laps you will ride as a passenger around one of NASCAR’s most exciting tracks like Atlanta Motor Speedway or Darlington Racetrack. Take a deep breath and prepare for the ride of your life as the professional driver hits the gas and whips you around the track for five electrifying laps

Kayaking Tour & Snorkeling Adventure

Explore the beautiful sea cliffs up close and personal as you paddle and enter the water to view the stunning rock reefs. Snorkel in the calm waters and catch a glimpse of sea lions sunning on the rocks nearby while garibaldi and other indigenous fish surround you. Paddle out to the underwater kelp forest, searching for harbor seals, dolphins, and more before returning to the sandy flats to snorkel with the leopard sharks.

Indoor Skydiving

For a guy who always wanted to Skydive but a bit too nervous to jump out of a plane. Indoor skydiving is the perfect solution for him. This amazing indoor adventure begins with a brief training class. Once suited up, you will be escorted into the flight chamber and will take turns flying one-on-one with help from a cerfitied instructor. The flight chamber is a 40 foot high, vertical wind tunnel that simulates the freefall of real skydiving as it produces airspeeds of up to 160 mph.

Rock Climbing Adventure

Learn how to rock climb from certified climbing experts and some have a 4-hour lesson designed for the beginner rock climber and includes short gear and a safety lesson. Once you are familiar with the equipment, expert climbing instructors will teach you basic rock climbing safety, climbing knots, climbing commands, basic top roping techniques, rope management and an overview of the climbing rating system, and of course, get you on a lot of climbs!

Hang Gliding Experience

During this exciting discovery flight you will soar like an eagle along side a Certified Instructor and enjoy a beautiful bird’s eye view of the city. You and your Instructor will be towed to an altitude of approximately 2,000 feet via a special ultra-light aircraft. Once released, you will enjoy a 12 to 20 minutes scenic flight. This is an amazing opportunity to take to the open skies and see what all of the fun is about.

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