Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

03/20/2010 by: Ray

Let’s check out some homemade gift suggestions that you can put together in a short time!

Personalized “Survival Kit” – What does your boyfriend do? Is he still in college or does he work at a desk job? If he’s working, what kind of work does he do? You can very easily come up with a ‘Survival kit’ according to whatever job he does based on what you think he needs or what he would use more of. For instance a ‘Chef’s Survival Kit’ could include plenty of unique seasoning, set of kitchen knives, an enjoyable book on food, excellent snack foods etc. If he works in the office you could easily put together a workplace survival kit. It’s been voted as one of the popular gift ideas for boyfriend that’s very well received.

“Best of Childhood” Gift Basket – What did he love as a child? Did he have a favorite book, a favorite dish, the toy he was crazy about and candy he used to munch all the time? Put together a gift basked of all the favorite things he used to love as a child for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

“What a great guy” collage – How about a collage that portrays what a great catch he is? Just cut out a fishing scene and stick photos of him and you appropriately along with the words ‘What a great catch!’ If you are artistically inclined you could even sketch or paint the entire scene. Have it framed to create a truly marvelous gift.

“Handmade Journal” – If he’s the kind who likes to write, a journal will be a perfect present for him. Make a diary centered on his likes and dislikes. For example if he loves comics or baseball or formula one racing you could easily create a cover in photoshop and get it printed. You can either print out comics or images of baseball stars, formula one cars, drivers or paste them on cardstock paper on one side of the journal. Punch holes in and put in some book rings and you’ll have a wonderful personalized journal to gift him.

The main benefit of home made gifts for boyfriend are that they’ll last nearly forever, dependent on what you give your sweetheart and will certainly not go out of style! It may take some time but at the end of the day your boyfriend will get a present that he’s will never ever forget. So use your creativity – I’m certain you can come up with much more entirely brilliant gift suggestions for boyfriend that he’s guaranteed to sincerely cherish.

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