Sexy & Cute Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend

03/21/2010 by: Ray

Listed here are a few suggestions for cute gifts for your boyfriend that you can give to him for just about any occasion.

“Our Love Story” ebook – For a truly incredible intimate gift, just write him a small book! It can either be a simple fairytale having your names or you might keep it true to life and chronicle how you met and exactly what took place following that. Because you will be including your personal points of views, it will be much more exciting for him to read.

“What makes you hot” Bookmarks – Customized book marks can be very exciting, for the person creating them as well as the person getting them! All you have to do is find some good quality paper and stylish strings in order to be able to build a whole range of bookmarks. Just cut them up and note down just one reason precisely why you believe he’s scorching hot on each bookmark. Put all of them together inside a gift container or get him an excellent book and put each and every bookmark in a separate page. Regardless how immersed he gets while reading a book, he’s sure to think about you every time he marks the page!

“I’m Your Slave” Dice Roll – Do you know any man who doesn’t enjoy lording over just a little bit? This entertaining gift for boyfriend only demands some crazy imagination for a great deal of entertainment! Just have a small bag, a pair of dice and make a group of cards for each possible number. Let him roll the dice to discover what he’s won from his slave. Be sure that you are willing to do exactly what you have composed on the card knowning that it is something exciting for you both. One of the naughtiest gifts for boyfriends, this present is really a big hit with him.

For example, you might have met at a coffee shop which does not seem very romantic. Yet once you note down what you thought it’s going to be a whole lot more interesting! “I saw him next to the counter wearing ____ and I was thinking he looked so adorable”.

I saw him glancing my way a couple of times and…” You can get even more creative and write out some really raunchy scenes about what you would like to have happen between the two of you!

These cute gifts for boyfriends are perfect for any occasion. Just let your inner sexy siren self come through for a spicy yet sweet very special gift.

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