Surprise Gifts for Boyfriends

03/22/2010 by: Ray

Looking a way to surprise your sweetheart? Here are a few gifts suggestions you can simply assemble from the comfort of your home, that’s guaranteed to make him speechless!

Bottle of Hugs – Need to surprise him with a really distinctive present? Give him a bottle of hugs! It is a gift of romance that you can come up with on your own or if you would like, you may also rope in family and friends. Simply take pictures of yourself giving him several types of cuddles or take pictures of relatives and buddies with open arms. Write ‘A Monster Hug’, ‘One Bear Hug’ etc. behind your photos to indicate the kind of hug you’re giving him.

If you are gathering photos of hugs from many people then have them write “A hug from ___” behind the photo. Roll up all of the photographs, link them up with little laces and ribbons and stuff them all in a big bottle. Makes a very touching and romantic gift, that he’s sure to go back to again and again whenever he needs a hug.

“Hobby” Shadow Box – Ever encountered the term shadow box? It’s a little 3d scene that you can put together that’s topped off with a glass photo frame. Make a shadow box for your boyfriend that displays his passions. For example, if he is a golf enthusiast, you can develop a shadow box which has a little cut out of him in a green field swinging the golf club and add other additions to the scene to make it exciting. If he is religious you could make a shadow box showing him meditating on a lawn on a lovely sunny day. There’s enough detailed information online regarding how to build a very good shadow box – It’s a perfect gift for a boyfriend and it’s quite economical to create.

“Meaningful” Customized Tattoo – I bet you have never considered giving him a tattoo. There are numerous online sites where you can upload your own artwork or have it produced by special tattoo designers according to the standards you establish. You may either come up with a sweet meaningful tattoo on your own in photoshop or identify some of your boyfriend’s treasured items or passions and let the artist create their very own design.

Since they are temporary tattoos, your boyfriend can get the opportunity to appear super cool without the need to really ink his body in any permanent way. You can create or specify meaningful tattoos by choosing powerful guardian animal spirits and symbols of strength and courage.

The best surprise gift for a boyfriend, regardless of what you get him, is one that is stuffed with love and passion. With a small inspiration you can put together a wonderful gift that expresses and packages your feelings for him in a genuinely unexpected way. So go on and surprise him!

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