Funny Gifts for Guys

03/24/2010 by: Ray

If he’s stressed out at work or at school, here are some funny gifts for your beloved boyfriend guaranteed to get lots of entertainment out of:

Police Siren Alarm Clock. Does he have difficulty waking up each morning? Even Rip Van Winkle will struggle to doze through this gadget. The police siren alarm clock is one crazy gizmo that includes a whirling cop-car light, a siren plus a booming voice that broadcast “This is the police….. You have to the count of three to get out of bed, or we’re coming in…” An entirely different present, that is sure to excite your law-abiding sweetheart.

Beer Pong Game. An excellent fun present for an alcohol loving boyfriend, the beer pong game is party set which has all sorts of things one could desire. The table top runner has printed cup set-up diagrams with a special manual of ‘rude rules’ which is designed to aid each and every beer pong player talk the talk pretty soon. (If you think this is not more than enough, you can accompany the game with a beer bottle holder sweatshirt which has a built-in pouch at the front that’ll hold his drink) This is present for a boyfriend that is for sure to be loved not only by him but almost all his beer-loving pals as well.

Butt-Face Towel. Is your boyfriend an ultra-organizer or does he strive to be one? If that’s the case he will enjoy the Butt Face terry towel. This color coded towel is no mystery to figure out – One end screams ‘butt’ in bold letters and the other ‘face’ There’ll be no confusion ever on which end he has to use and he will remember you with a smile each he wipes his….face, of course!

Extreme Office Crafts Book. This is actually the finest survival ebook available for a man who hates wasting another uninspiring day on the job. He perhaps feels like he is meant for better things and also you know that is true! Extreme office crafts is one fun gift that will release the inventor in him This small treasure gives your soon to be genius boyfriend thorough guidelines concerning how to develop out of this world products from regular office materials. He’ll never have to doodle on a notepad again when he can be inventing instead the next ‘must-have’ product of the decade!

You will find loads of fun gift suggestions on the market that make excellent gifts for your boyfriend, whether or not you need to cheer him up a little or simply get him to laugh. Picking a good present for your sweetheart can be lots of excitement once you learn exactly where to buy online.

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