Pulled Pork Claws – Meat Claws

12/16/2014 by: Ray

MeatClawsPulled Pork Claws – Meat Claws

Rip Through Meat and Poultry Quickly and Conveniently — No Hand Cramps, No Burning, Hassle Free Cleanup

Does your boyfriend like to BBQ?  These Meat Claws are a perfect gift for the guy who loves to grill and cook.  Use the claws to pull apart cooked meat while it is still hot and save his hands from scalding!

High Grade polymer which allows the claws to be very resistant to heat and have a long life – Are dishwasher friendly too!

Lifetime warranty, 100% money back guarantee so you can be sure that your boyfriend is happy with the gift!

Pulled Pork Claws – Meat Claws – Shredder Bear Claws – BBQ Shredding Forks – Meat Handler Pulling Forks

Purchase at Amazon for $15.99

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