Beersicle – Beer Coolers

12/17/2014 by: Ray

Beersicle - Beer Cooler Beersicle – Beer Coolers

This is a different idea on the Beer Cooler and has been reinvented to cool the beer from the inside!  Think of it as an internal bottle koozie!

Place the Beersicle inside the bottle to keep the beer warm as it is being consumed and eliminate the warm up effect that plagues all beer drinkers. The ICE Block Beer Cooler is a great gift for you beer drinking boyfriend, and he will thankful for such a gift.  This is always a top gift for boyfriends.  The Beersicle does not inhibit drinking from the bottle, and keeps the beer cool for every sip!

The Beersicle just needs to be placed in the freezer to freeze and then can be placed in any beer beverage and fits most bottles.



Buy Beersicle – Beer Colers at for only $24.99 for only $24.95


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