Pebble Smartwatch

01/22/2015 by: Ray

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PebbleSmartWatchPebble Smartwatch

This is the original Pebble Smartwatch and is a great gift for your boyfriend.  This is compatible with iPhones (iOS) and Android phones alike in order to make full use of the smartwatch.  This watch will display incoming call alerts and Caller ID straight to the watch making it very simple to see who is calling on your phone even if the phone is in your pocket.  Also, he will be able to control music from iTunes, Spotify or Pandora, all from the watch!

The battery is long lasting, and will last 5-7 days until a new charge is needed (or just charge it overnight).

Buy your boyfriend this Pebble Smartwatch and get him one of the hottest new devices today.  Wearables are becoming very popular today, and the Smartwatch is one of the most popular wearable devices.


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